Cricket Betting in Australia

Known as 'The Gentleman's Sport', Cricket is one of the most popular past-times in Australia and we can't seem to get enough of both watching and betting on the sport.

The Australian national team has a great reputation, winning a number of big tournaments over the years with great players like Bradman, Waugh, Healy, Simpson, Clarke and Hayden making their mark.

With over half the population either watching the game or playing in the parks with mates on summer afternoons, cricket's a firm favourite amongst Australian sports betting fans.

With over 100 countries playing international cricket, major cricket betting focuses on the bigger tournaments including Twenty 20 World Cup, The Ashes, The ICC World Cup and various Test Series.

On an Australian level, cups including The Ford Ranger and The Sheffield Cup, which see teams compete to be the best in Oz and are perfect betting markets to use free bet offers on.

Australian bookies are extremely competitive in the lead up to these major events offering heaps of free bets, deposit bonuses and cricket betting offers to try and win your business.

Choosing Bookies With Great Free Bets

Cricket has proved to be one of the most thrilling sports to bet on as it offers some of the most exciting bet types and betting offers you'll find in any major sport.

Given its popularity with Australian sports bettors you'll always find some great free bet offers, deposit bonuses and cricket betting odds at the best bookies. When you're choosing a bookie to place your cricket bets with, there are a number of things that you should consider:

  • Which bookies offer the best free bet offers and deposit bonuses for new customers?
  • What are the ongoing betting offers at each online bookie?
  • Which bookies offer the best coverage of loacal and international cricket tournaments?
  • Which bookies offer the best cricket odds?
  • What other sports does the bookie offer?

Cricket Bets

With the majority of online bookies you'll find great betting offers and competitive odds for all Australian and international tournaments across a range of markets.

Some of the more popular bet types to use free bet offers and betting deposit bonuses on include:

  • Test match or series winner - Bet on the outright winner in a match/series or a draw in a test match
  • First score of the game - Or day in a test match
  • Highest scoring batsmen for each team
  • First man out - Bet on which player will be dismissed first
  • Mode of the 1st dismissal - Bet on being caught by another player, bowled out, run out etc.
  • Man of the match
  • Who scored the most wickets for each team
  • Most runs by batters or most wickets by bowlers
  • Highest Individual match score

Take Advantage of Free Bet Offers

How many times have you bet on the outcome of the cricket with your mates and been right? Having decided which online bookie to bet with it's time to take advantage of the free bets and deposit bonuses that bookies offer, place your cricket bets and reap your rewards!

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