Bonus Bet Offer Free Bet$200 Bonus Bet Offer reward new customers with an awesome bonus bet offer that essentially matches the value of your first deposit. To claim the bonus bet* offer simply open a new account today using the promo code '200FREEBET'.

Next deposit anything from $20 to $200 into your new account and a bonus bet of equal value will appear in your free bet balance within 24 hours.

The great thing about the bonus bet offer is that they allow you to split up the bonus into four smaller bonus bets. This lets you deposit $200, receive a $200 bonus bet and then split it into four $50 bonus bets!

Claim the Offer launched in 2012 and quickly gained an awesome reputation with sports fans as well as creating quite a stir amongst fellow Australian bookies. offers punters an amazing website to bet on, super generous free bet offers for both new and loyal punters alike and showcases some of the best horse racing coverage we've come across.

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* View the bonus bet offer terms and conditions.
1. Maximum of one (1) free bet (the "Bonus") per account, per household, and/or per payment method. 2. The free bet offer is activated once a new member receives the funds of his/her first deposit in their account balance. The Bonus amount will be equal to the amount of the first deposit or $200, whichever is lower. Maximum Bonus is capped at $200. 3. The free bet will be ready to claim upon meeting the requirements of the Bonus claim. 4. The free bet offer will be credited to your Free Bet balance within 1 business day of claiming the Bonus. 5. The free bet offer may be used as a single bet or divided in to 2, 3 or 4 equal, smaller Bonus coupons, but may not be changed once split. 6. Only one (1) Bonus coupon can be used per event and must be wagered on a fixed odds market with a dividend of greater than or equal to $1.50 per $1 bet. 7. If the free bet returns a winning dividend, those winnings (excluding the Bonus stake amount) will be credited to your Cash Balance account. 8. The value of each free bet or part thereof and any winnings accrued from the Bonus must be turned over at least two times (2x) on events with a dividend of greater than or equal to $1.50 per $1 bet from your Cash Balance only, and within 90 days, before you can withdraw the Bonus or any winnings from your Free Bet balance or Cash Balance account (the Default Minimum Turnover Requirements). 9. If the Minimum Turnover Requirements are not met, the free bet (if not already used), or any winnings already accrued from the Bonus, will be cancelled from your Free Bet balance or Cash Balance account, and you will no longer be able to use the Bonus or any winnings accrued using the Bonus. 10. Only the first stake on any particular event will be will affect the Minimum Turnover Requirements. Subsequent bets on different entrants, runners, teams, sides etc will not count toward the MTR. 11. Use of a free bet or part thereof, as any component of a 'no loss wagering proposition' is strictly prohibited. For example; placing bets on all likely outcomes of an event, equal or zero margin bets, or hedge betting. free bets wagered in this manner will be considered 'irregular bets' and may be cancelled (consequently forfeited by the Client) at the discretion of the bookmaker. 12. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or exchanged for cash. 13. Management reserves the right to cancel any wager (free bets or otherwise) on any event (pending or resulted), where the bets are deemed in our sole opinion to be in violation of terms, fraudulent, irregular bets, or any circumvention of the intended purpose of the free bet offer. 14. Recreational gamblers only. Management reserves the right to revoke this Bonus offer or any coupons in the event of suspected fraud, violation of any website Terms, or any attempt to use the Bonus for anything other than the intended purpose of the offer. 15. Management reserves the right to revoke this free bet offer at any time. 16. Australian Residents only. 17. Must be 18 years or over.