Australian Horse Racing Tradition

Horse racing is a proud Australian tradition and one of the most popular amongst sports betting fans. Of course, there were no horses in Australia until the coming of the First Fleet in 1788, when seven horses and who knows how many unofficial bookies were on board!

By 1795, 'bloodhorse' mares came to Australia on the Britannia and in 1799, the first thoroughbred stallion, Rockingham, stepped onto Australian soil. These thoroughbreds were then given a dash of Arabian blood to provide stamina and courage.

Today, Australia is host to over 19,300 races that offer $422 million dollars in purse money, the 3rd highest in the world. With each Australian spending an average of $8.50 betting on horse racing each year, thoroughbred horse racing brings in approx. $6.3 billion annually for Australia.

The Melbourne Cup, by far Australia's biggest race, is a national holiday and other top Aussie races including the Cox Stakes, the Mackinnon Stakes and the Victoria Derby draw huge interest. With online betting becoming more popular, online bookies now offer more free bets on most major events and every day horse races than ever before.

Bookies often offer the best free bets on horse racing markets so if you enjoy a flutter on the horses make sure you take advantage of the free bet offers available and get the most from your betting.

The Australian Thoroughbred

Although all thoroughbreds descend from one of three Oriental stallions imported to England, the Australian thoroughbred has become its own distinct branch of the thoroughbred breed.

Australian thoroughbreds are usually tougher than American or European thoroughbreds because their breeding and training emphasizes stamina over speed.

Until the end of World War II, Australian thoroughbreds were expected to serve in the cavalry at a moment's notice and were bred to be tough warhorses as well as racers. The Australian thoroughbred has also contributed to the Australian Waler and the brumby.

Australia has a strong reputation for producing some of the best racing horses. Legendary runner Phar Lap's life was turned into a box office film in 1983 and Black Caviar captured the world's attention as she raced undefeated for an amazing 22 races.

Although horses like Phar Lap and Black Caviar are online bookies nightmares, they are beloved by millions of horse racing fans concerned with more than just the day's betting offers.

Popular Betting Offers

Horse racing bettors spend an average of $4.3 billion with bookies. As it's such a competitive market, bookies are always trying to outdo each other with their free bets and betting offers for new members to make sure they get a piece of the action.

This is great for bettors as all you need to do is open a new account with a new bookie to claim their free bet offer.

The most popular type of bet placed is a 'win bet'. This is the most straightforward horse racing bet type as you simply pick one horse to win and 46.9% of all bets placed are win bets.

There's also a 'place bet' where the horse can finish anywhere in the first 3 and you win, although the odds aren't as good on these bets.

There are other betting offers that can give back higher returns so check with each bookie we feature on 'Free Bet Offers' for alternative betting offers. Sometimes there's nothing to lose when you're betting using a bookies free bet.

Horse racing is an exciting sport that always makes for a fun day out! Placing a few bets on the results can make it even more interesting, especially if you get great odds and a free bet.

Before you place any bets on the horses make sure you take advantage of the great betting offers from our featured online bookies. Enjoy your betting experience!

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