Sports Betting Online

When it comes to sports betting each country has its own sports betting terms and different types of bets. There are heaps of online bets available at online bookies and knowing where to start can be very confusing.

In order to try and make it as easy as possible for you to understand and choose the right type of sports bet, we've put together the following guide to sports betting online including all the phrases and terminology that bookies use.

The majority of the sports bets below are available at most of the online bookies we feature so hopefully you won't end up losing your hard earned dollars on the wrong type of sports bet.

Instead, check out the sports betting terminology below, claim the free bet offers that online bookies are offering new members and make money from your free bets!

Sports Betting

This is a form of gambling where you placing a bet on the outcome of a sporting event. The main objective of sports betting is to win additional money.


Bookmakers are organisations or people that take bets, calculate odds and depending on the result may pay out winnings (also known as bookies, sportsbooks or betting agencies).

Betting Exchange

A betting exchange is a type of betting that is available online. You can bet on anything you wish at whatever odds you agree upon as long as you can find someone to match your bet.


Bet that an outcome of a sports event or race will occur.


Bet that an outcome will not occur. For example you bet that a team will not win a game or a horse will not win a race.


This is a bet where you place a bet to win only.


Place only is a bet where you place a bet on a runner to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Each Way

This is actually 2 bets, a win and a place. If you want to bet $10 each way this is actually a $20 bet with $10 to win and $10 to place.

Best Odds

This guarantees the better of the official Bookies starting price and the official Win dividend declared by a TAB as nominated by the client.

Starting Price (SP)

The starting price is taken at the start of every race and is the average of the on-course bookmaker's prices. The prices are not available to punters when they place their bet.

Fixed Odds

Fixed odds is where the bettor knows the exact odds they will receive when they place their bet. The odds are fixed when the bet is placed and the win portion of a bet will be paid at the fixed price as determined by the online bookie.

Single Bet

A single bet is where you place a bet on a single outcome of a sporting event.

Multi Bet or Accumulator

This is a bet where you bet on 2 or more outcomes for 2 or more events. This bet type is dependent on all of the wagers winning together. If one of these doesn't occur then you lose.


A parlay is a bet in which a set number of combinations are all required to win. Each parlay has a set number of legs. When you select a Parlay, you are choosing all possible combinations of Multi-bets for that number of legs. The advantage of this over a standard multi bet is that if some of your legs are successful then you will still win a dividend based upon how many successful combinations you chose.

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap betting is a type of spread betting that is common for soccer but can also be placed on other sports where a draw is a possibility. Asian Handicap betting reduces the possible number of outcomes from three to two by eliminating the draw. For more details see the guide to Asian Handicap Betting on British Bookmakers.

Over / Under (O/U) Totals

This is a bet on how many goals/tries/points there will be in the sports event and combines the scores from both teams. If a football game ends 3-2, the total is 5. If the over/under bet was 4, then "over" bets win and "under" bets lose.


A Trifecta is a bet where you select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in the order you think they will finish.

First Scorer / Correct Score Double

This type of sports bet combines the first scorer (of a football/soccer match) with the correct score. Often known as a 'scorecast' or an FS/CSD at some online bookies.

First / Last Scorer Betting

This type of sports bet is a bet on which player will score the first (or last) goal/try in a game. The bookies normally list all players they expect to play with the odds related to their ability to find the net. These bets are highly popular, especially in live matches.

Correct Score Betting

Correct score betting is a bet where you predict the actual score of a match or series.

Margin Bet

A Margin bet is a sports bet where you bet on the amount of points that one competitor finishes ahead of another competitor. This is most popular in football, soccer and rugby and can apply to a set section of the game or the full time score.

Spread Betting

This is a high-risk bet type where the payoff/loss is proportional to the accuracy of the bet. Standard bets either result in a loss of your bet or a payout based on the odds. Spread betting is based on a range of outcomes, and the bet is whether the outcome will be above or below this spread.


To place this sports bet you must select the first and second place finishers, in either order.


This type of sports bet requires you to select the first and second places in that order.